About me

When I look at a text, I can see much more than just individual words. This is a must for anyone striving to create a meaningful text that serves its purpose. As a translator with linguistic background, I can get it right in terms of grammar, style and punctuation.

I have a degree in Translation Studies and Czech Language and Literature from Charles University, Prague, which is one of four Czech universities providing education in translation and the only one of them awarded the prestigious EMT certificate confirming the high quality of its translation programmes.

My master’s field is Media Studies. In my thesis, I’ve done a research on popular science YouTube channels, which fits perfectly to what I already know about subtitling. I have done subtitles for educational videos for Khan Academy (what I really enjoyed working on was space science, nebulas and star fields!) and short documentaries (like the one about green tea).

For 6 years I have been translating for market research, where I worked on a long-term advertising project. One of my more recent projects involves software localization and new media.

I can’t wait what the future brings me – hopefully it’s a mix of translating, subtitling, and some advertising and media projects.