To find a good translator…

… might not be an easy task._MG_9951

To make the job easier for you, I’ll tell you what you can get with me.

Proper style, language that fits the purpose of your text,
ed to the needs of the readers. Imagine you approach young audience of your bubble gum ad with friendly and informal language, while your whisky ad for older audience uses more conservative language. The differences will be kept in my translation as well.
Precise punctuation. You’ll get proper apostrophes, dashes and Czech quotation marks (‘ – „“), not their imitations: diacritic commas and hyphens (´ – ″).
I’m not exactly a fan of a word-for-word translation, which means no bumpy sentences full of words of English origin, nominal phrases and passive voices. These are very hard to read in my language and distract the reader from anything you were trying to say. I’ll simply make sure that nothing needs to be read twice to be understood.
Good grammar is not enough. I gained a degree in Czech Language and Literature to be sure there are no grammatical errors in your translated texts or videos.
I know how HTML works. So don’t worry. I won’t translate your tags, and not a single space will be added into your code.

A good translator knows much more than just the language. A sense of style, understanding of contrastive grammar and often even knowledge of translation theory are the secrets of a perfect translation that are far beyond what can be gained at language schools or by just living in a foreign country. I use the language that is actually spoken and understood by your readers.

Did I catch your attention? Perfect! You can keep reading, or send me a note.